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Summer Pairings

Posted in 2nd Avenue, event coverages, food on March 21, 2010 by planetchuckie

This is me channeling Grimace and Hamburglar’s love child at the first leg of 2nd Avenue‘s Urban Weekends held yesterday morning at the Salcedo Community Market.  

In this two-leg event, our channel officially welcomes the summer by turning two of the Metro’s most popular weekend markets into hip and happening culinary destinations. And with that, we’ve invited some of the most sought-after names in the local culinary scene to share what they know.

For the first leg, our special guest was Master Chef Sau del Rosario. 

 Clad in cargo shorts and what looked like hiking shoes, the ruggedly-dressed gourmand impressed the audience by whipping up a portobello mushroom salad with ingredients purchased from the venue.

Aside from being a fine chef, he was also quite an engaging speaker. He kept the audience entertained as he served samples of his finished product.

Later in the program, the guests were then treated with an informative wine talk by expert Daisy Marquez from the Mondovino Company. She shared to us the basics of wines,  including which type goes with what dish and why we swirl before drinking. The talk was quite entertaining and I loved that the guests were asking questions. Though I think it the samples would’ve tasted better if they were served in actual glasses and not in plastic cups  (a limitation considering the venue and the number of guests).

But paraphrasing what our host Gelli Victor said during the program, “Any excuse to have wine early in the morning is good enough”.

The event ran from the ungodly hour (to my standards at least) of 7:00am to 10:30am, when the sun’s heat was already in full glare. Before the egress, Sir Rolly treated us all to a round of pork barbeque and rice, after which I spent about half an hour to go around the market.  I must say the place has many good finds, from fresh ingredients to unique dishes. I’m definitely going back there one of these days – preferably on a less hectic schedule and emptier stomach…:-P

Come noon time, I was already exhausted and tipsy – an awkward state to be in broad daylight, I must say. So at around 12:30, I went back to the condo for some much-needed catch-up sleep.

Can’t wait for the second leg this April 18th at the Legazpi Market!

I love the smell of xylitol in the morning

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This morning marked the second leg of 2nd Avenue’s Today@Breakfast office tour. It didn’t push through in the Ortigas area as originally planned, but it’s a good thing  we were able to find an alternative venue  much closer to our office – the RCBC Plaza Courtyard.

Just like last May, this breakfast event was supposed to promote The Today Show, although I bet most people in attendance weren’t even aware of the fact because their eyes were mostly transfixed to the free food.

And just like last May, the event was sponsored by Orbit  (Oh, excuse me: Orbit Xylitol Sugarfree Gum) – which explains the  product samples strategically placed on the tables. Thankfully, the show was spared from feeling like a 3-hour commercial.

Entertainment was provided by jazz artist Olivia once again. She has the voice of an angel, but she needs someone to write her spiels for her, fast. (Kumusta pagkain? Sarap?) Conspicuously absent, though, was Aisaku Yokogawa, the Manila-based Japanese crooner who is known to sing Tagalog songs albeit thickly-accented.

Oh, but it was great working with host Anna Buena (AKA Danielle from RX 93.1) again. Being the resident scriptwriter, I always make it a point to make friends with the event hosts, and she was no exception. And of course , always count on the 2nd Avenue team to be a fun bunch. You could lock all of us in a bomb shelter and still have a party. 😉

It’s these things that really perk up my mornings.


Clockwise from left: Nescafe Fit sample dude, Ehm, Mella, Kervy, David, Leah, and Kris (who unfortunately is spending her last few days with the company)

Lose Weight, Gain Life

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Yesterday, I went to Fitness First Megamall for the Philippine leg of The Biggest Loser: Asia auditions. 

No, not to take part, just to cover. (Although I would have joined if I weren’t a Solar employee – given the astronomical cash prize. LOL!)

The Asian franchise of the successful reality show will bring together 30 overweight individuals from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines for a chance to win a hefty $100,000 cash prize, be a spokesperson for the campaign against obesity against Asia, and of course, earn the distinction of becoming Asia’s first Biggest Loser champion.

True to the show’s original premise, the contestants will be taking part in complete health workshops, daily challenges, weigh-ins and group interactions. These activities will then be faciliated by two trainers who will guide them in changing their health habits, and ultimately, their lives.

Hundreds of hopefuls of different sizes and different walks of life flocked to the Philippine audition. An impressive turnout, I must say. We were quite surprised! There were those who were legitimately obese, while there were also those potential (m)anorexics. (Joke’s on them, though. You need to be at a certain body mass index to qualify. That’ll teach them to be more sensitive to actual fat people. HA! :-P)

We also spotted a handful of recognizable faces including local celebrities Ruby Rodriguez and Ryan Yllana and two former finalists from Jack TV’s Laffapalooza. Although, the real standout for me was this  emotional young woman from Surigao, who tearfully shared to the crew her long arduous journey from Mindanao to Manila – all for the sake of fulfilling her goal.



Talk about fighting spirit. I really do hope she gets in.

The Biggest Loser Asia. Coming soon on Hallmark Channel.