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ABS-CBN’s Oscar 2010 Telecast: A Minute-by-Minute Coverage

Posted in Awards, Celebrities, movies on March 8, 2010 by planetchuckie

My personal “coverage” of ABS-CBN’s Oscar 2010 telecast: Since we don’t have Velvet in our office and I would’ve been beheaded if I watched it in that channel anyway. LOL!

By the way, I missed about 15 minutes of the show thanks to the horrible Monday traffic, so I hope I can catch the replay as soon as possible.

10:15 AM– Arrived just in time to see the second half of Christoph Waltz’s Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech for Inglourious Basterds. This time, I’m actually thankful for ABS-CBN’s padded commercial breaks.

 10:22AM – Best Animated Feature nominees announced through an amusing montage of mock interviews with the animated characters; “Up” wins. An obvious pick, really.

 10:35AM – Miley Cyrus and Amanda Seyfried take the stage in their juggernaut trains to announce Best Original Song nominees; First time in recent history where nominated songs were not performed,

 10:40AM – The Princess and the Frog suffers Multiple Nominee Curse. T-Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham bag award for Crazy Heart. Wait, isn’t Ryan Bingham also the name of the protagonist in Up in the Air?

 10:48AM – Mark Boal wins Best Original Screenplay for The Hurt Locker. Could this be the start of a clean sweep?

 10:55AM – Matthew Broderick and Molly Ringwald introduce an emotional tribute to John Hughes, the Father of Teen Angst; Tribute ends with other Hughes “orphans” taking the stage. OMG, Macaulay Culkin!

 11:04AM – “Agua Bendita” sounds more like a water refilling station than title of a soap opera. Oh, excuse me, “teleserye”.

 11:06AM – Zoe Saldana and Carey Mulligan sashay down the stage to present awards on Short Films. Zoe’s legs were practically drowning in that gigantic puffy train.

 11:11AM – Scene-stealer of the night: Ben Stiller entering the stage dressed as one of the blue aliens in Avatar. I pity his pores.

11:12AM – Aptly enough, he presents Best Make-Up. Star Trek wins.

 11:14AM – Enchong Dee swims like an orca.

 11:21AM – Jake Gylenhall and Rachel McAdams look somber while announcing nominees for Best Adapted Screenplay. A very emotional and tongue-tied Geoffrey Fletcher wins for Precious, though I was rooting for Up in the Air.

 11:25AM – Jump cut to Robin Williams announcing nominees for Best Supporting Actress. What the hell is wrong with this telecast? Mo’nique bulldozes her competition with her haunting turn in Precious, gets standing ovation for her no-holds-barred acceptance speech.  

 11:32AM – Coffeemate commercial. Why bother serving bacon for breakfast if you don’t want your husband to eat it, b*tch?!

 11:33AM – All right, Bianca Gonzalez, Balanced body=Healthy body. Got it.

 11:38AM – Sigourney Weaver presents Best Art Direction award for Avatar. The battle is on! But for how long?

 11:41 AM – Period drama triumphs again. The Young Victoria wins for Best Costume Design.

 11:43AM – Avon commercial: “Kahit babae ako, marunong ako mag-negosyo”. Yes, lady. And believe it or not, you also have rights! Welcome to 2010.

 11:48AM – I find the Paranormal Activity parody more entertaining than the actual film.

 11:50AM – Why in Lon Chaney Jr.’s name is a Twilight: New Moon clip included in the horror movie montage? That’s not a horror movie. Horrific, maybe. But not horror.  

 11:57AM – The Hurt Locker wins both Sound and Sound Mixing Awards. Keep tally. I know you want to. Avatar – 1, Hurt Locker – 3.

 12:02PM. – Come to think of it. Magkano nga ba ang aking dangal?

 12:04PM – Avatar for Best Cinematography. To those keeping score, Hurt Locker still leads by 2 wins.

 12:07PM – Juday and Gladys: Aren’t you both a little too old for catfights? Mara Clara ended in 1997. Get. Over. it.

 12:18PM –Not a clean sweep for Hurt Locker. Up pulls an upset for Best Original Score.

 12:19 PM – Did Gerard Butler just transfer his chunkiness to Bradley Cooper?

 12:21 PM –At this point, Avatar stops winning. Last award is for Best Visual Effects.

 12:30 PM –TV character actor Fisher Stevens wins for The Cove, a documentary that depicts dolphin abuse. Pretty timely, considering the recent Sea World tragedy.

 12:32PM – The Hurt Locker wins Best Editing, after we were subject to plodding patter by Tyler Perry.

 12:41PM –It seems that ABS-CBN omitted the “In Memoriam” montage (which also glaringly omitted Farrah Fawcett) and the presentation of the Best Foreign Language film (which Argentina won). Fail! In the mean time, Best Lead Actor nominees are each introduced by a former co-star.

 12:49PM – Jeff Bridges wins for Crazy Heart – 38 years after his first acting nomination for The Last Picture Show. He delivers the most candid acceptance speech of the night so far.

 12:53PM – Cherie Gil: “How DARE you?!” Angelica Panganiban: “How DARE you rin PO?!” *throws bags at Cherie* LOL!

 12:58PM – I want Forrest Whitaker’s diet regimen. NOW!

 1:03PM – Oprah’s introduction for Gabourey Sibide is, by far, the most “Precious”.

 1:07PM – Sandra Bullock wins her first Oscar one day after winning her first Razzie.

 1:09PM – Oh no she di-int! Did Sandra just snub Meryl Streep on the way to the stage?!

 1:11PM – Bullock proves that aside from being a brilliant actress, she also has the ability to render you bi-polar. Her tearful – but also funny – acceptance speech now officially trumps Bridges’.

 1:15PM – Barbra Streisand announces Kathryn Bigelow becomes the first female to win the Best Director Oscar. It would have been fun if she said “I’m Queen of the World!” Also, this is not the first time Babs announced a history-making win. She was also the presenter when Eminem’s Lose Yourself  became the first rap song to win Best Original Song back in 2003.

 1:16PM –  Helen Reddy’s “Woman” is played in the background as Bigelow exits the stage. How apt.

 1:18PM – Gee, that was abrupt. Tom Hanks completely skipped the announcement of the Best Picture nominees and went straight to the winner, probably making this the most anti-climactic winning moment in Oscar history. Oh well. Film snobs rejoice.  THE HURT LOCKER WINS!!!   

 1:20PM – Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did a pretty decent job as hosts. They were funny without crossing the line and they didn’t try to upstage  each other. *Clap, clap*

 1:21PM – Ah, yes. Count on ABS-CBN to show Wowowee after the Oscars. From Class to Trash.

1:22PM – Pokwang just called herself “Sandra. Sandra Marudo”. Pucha, benta.

 1:24PM – Willie Revillame looks bored. Makes you wonder why this show is even still on.

 1:25PM – Lunch time.