Summer Pairings

This is me channeling Grimace and Hamburglar’s love child at the first leg of 2nd Avenue‘s Urban Weekends held yesterday morning at the Salcedo Community Market.  

In this two-leg event, our channel officially welcomes the summer by turning two of the Metro’s most popular weekend markets into hip and happening culinary destinations. And with that, we’ve invited some of the most sought-after names in the local culinary scene to share what they know.

For the first leg, our special guest was Master Chef Sau del Rosario. 

 Clad in cargo shorts and what looked like hiking shoes, the ruggedly-dressed gourmand impressed the audience by whipping up a portobello mushroom salad with ingredients purchased from the venue.

Aside from being a fine chef, he was also quite an engaging speaker. He kept the audience entertained as he served samples of his finished product.

Later in the program, the guests were then treated with an informative wine talk by expert Daisy Marquez from the Mondovino Company. She shared to us the basics of wines,  including which type goes with what dish and why we swirl before drinking. The talk was quite entertaining and I loved that the guests were asking questions. Though I think it the samples would’ve tasted better if they were served in actual glasses and not in plastic cups  (a limitation considering the venue and the number of guests).

But paraphrasing what our host Gelli Victor said during the program, “Any excuse to have wine early in the morning is good enough”.

The event ran from the ungodly hour (to my standards at least) of 7:00am to 10:30am, when the sun’s heat was already in full glare. Before the egress, Sir Rolly treated us all to a round of pork barbeque and rice, after which I spent about half an hour to go around the market.  I must say the place has many good finds, from fresh ingredients to unique dishes. I’m definitely going back there one of these days – preferably on a less hectic schedule and emptier stomach…:-P

Come noon time, I was already exhausted and tipsy – an awkward state to be in broad daylight, I must say. So at around 12:30, I went back to the condo for some much-needed catch-up sleep.

Can’t wait for the second leg this April 18th at the Legazpi Market!

One Response to “Summer Pairings”

  1. We can set a lunch date here one weekend. Jackie and I used to do this before. 🙂

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