Benrik Withdrawal Symptoms

I’m not the most organized person in the world.  But I do have this fascination with quirky planners.

For four consecutive years, I used Benrik’s This Diary Will Change Your Life mainly because I liked the design and I found their weekly faux-tasks downright hilarious. I love British humor.

But for some reason, they didn’t release one in 2010. Instead, they came up with a “Best Of” compilation which collects all their favorite tasks from all their previous editions. And it’s not even a planner. It’s just a book.

Then, after weeks of scouring bookstores for potential replacements, I stumbled upon this on Facebook:

The I-Was-Supposed-to-Get-That-Coffeehouse-Planner-BUT-I-got-Fat/Broke-on-the-10th-Frappe Planner. Written in Taglish and overflowing with wit. It’s now overtaking Starbucks in terms of planner ubiquity (in my office at least).

Click here for more info.

In other related news, this year’s Starbucks planner looks more like a coffee table book. I haven’t used it yet.

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