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Looking at the “Brightside”…

Posted in concerts, Controversies, Music on January 31, 2010 by planetchuckie

…I’ll be a few thousand bucks richer today.

Off to Araneta in what would have been the afternoon of The Killers concert to claim the refund for my two tickets.

Gateway, anyone? =P


Benrik Withdrawal Symptoms

Posted in Books on January 5, 2010 by planetchuckie

I’m not the most organized person in the world.  But I do have this fascination with quirky planners.

For four consecutive years, I used Benrik’s This Diary Will Change Your Life mainly because I liked the design and I found their weekly faux-tasks downright hilarious. I love British humor.

But for some reason, they didn’t release one in 2010. Instead, they came up with a “Best Of” compilation which collects all their favorite tasks from all their previous editions. And it’s not even a planner. It’s just a book.

Then, after weeks of scouring bookstores for potential replacements, I stumbled upon this on Facebook:

The I-Was-Supposed-to-Get-That-Coffeehouse-Planner-BUT-I-got-Fat/Broke-on-the-10th-Frappe Planner. Written in Taglish and overflowing with wit. It’s now overtaking Starbucks in terms of planner ubiquity (in my office at least).

Click here for more info.

In other related news, this year’s Starbucks planner looks more like a coffee table book. I haven’t used it yet.

Little Precious

Posted in Celebrities, tv shows on January 4, 2010 by planetchuckie

 Accompanied my cousin Kim to Laguna yesterday to attend the christening of this cute little drool machine. 

Her name is Carmen Cecilia Angela Marquez. Or Precious, as her parents fondly call her. She’s the first-born child of fashion designer  Manny Marquez who was the winner of Project Runway Philippines Season 2. Kim was part of the show’s production team, which was why she asked to be one of the godparents.

 The ceremony itself was quick and simple, but it was preceded by a plodding lecture on the sacrament of baptism, replete with ill-edited introductory AVP and “recitation”. It felt like Grade 5 Christian Living all over again when the speaker snapped at us for being “talkative”.

 But it was fun seeing some of Manny’s fellow Season 2 designers. In attendance were Richie Bondoc, Hazel Sta. Ana, Jaz Cristobal and Tracy Dizon. I was hoping my personal bet Russell Villafuerte would be there, but he was in the province at the time.

 Also among the godparents was Rivermaya drummer Mark Escueta, who was Manny’s model/client during the Rock Star challenge (which he won) . And much to the surprise of the other people in the church, he brought along a special date.

Jolina is actually pretty in person. I’m glad she’s outgrown her penchant for over-accessorizing and tacky hair extensions. She’s also very friendly and down-to-earth. She sat with us behind Precious’ entourage and she was really quite a chatterbox.  I was only reminded of her celebrity status when people started approaching her for photo-ops after the rites.

 Then, later than afternoon, we went straight to the clubhouse of La Marea Village in San Pedro for a delicious lunch catered by Conti’s. And since Mark and “Jolens” skipped the lunch for other prior commitments, it was once again Precious’ turn to take center stage.

Such a friendly, photogenic baby!