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To Twenty-O-Nine

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31, 2009 by planetchuckie

Yes, it’s true. You were a bitch.

You plagued us with tragedies, bombarded us with schizophrenic weather, and took away so many good people. And even in your last few days, you almost managed to vanquish what’s left of my Christmas spirit. Fuck. You.

But nevertheless, I still can’t help but be thankful for a number of things: For the blessings both disguised and otherwise that you managed to bestow, for the countless memorable and tweetable moments, for the new places I’ve seen, and for the interesting people I’ve met.

Yeah, so maybe you weren’t such an insufferable motherfucker in that department after all. I’m giving you that.

Now, as you slowly draw to a close, I look back at you with a strong sense of fulfillment, for being able to survive your drama with my sanity intact. I’m greeting the new year – not with baskets of round fruits nor tacky polka dotted shirts – but with high hopes and anticipation for better days ahead.

Happy New Year, Folks.  Let’s make it happen this 2010! 🙂