Our New Boarder One Year Later

Rocco Then and Now

Left: Rocco as a two-month-old pup getting acquainted to my bathroom floor;  Right: Rocco giving new meaning to the term, “backseat driver”

It’s officially been one year since we brought home this playful, footwear-mangling, little bugger.

I call him Rocco Ono, or just simply “Rocco”. “Rocco” after the chef, Ono after Yoko because of his peculiar bark. You’d swear it almost sounds human. 

He is an affectionate critter, but whenever people come to visit, his loyalty shifts. He likes pouncing on unsuspecting footwear, especially Crocs

Rocco  is also  a feisty spirit; having once survived a nasty infection which confined him to an Elizabethan collar for three months. Fortunately, he reverted to his usual hyperactive self no sooner after his complete recovery. Recently, he also mastered the ability of jumping onto beds in a single bound – much to my neat-freak-of-a-mom’s forehead-slapping consternation.

Happy anniversary, Rocco! 


2 Responses to “Our New Boarder One Year Later”

  1. cute dog!!!!

  2. Rocco will always be my favorite dog-of-a-friend. 😀 he’s highly dog-nappable, i think you know that. and if he goes missing, you know where to find him na teeheee

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